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A bookmarklet acts just like a normal Bookmark which can be added to your browser, but can be used to quickly perform some task inside the browser. For example you can create a simple bookmarklet to share the current clipboard to your iPhone, or a more complex one to share the URL of the current web page to your Mac.

1) Choose the type of workflow

You can choose which type of workflow you want to build into the bookmarklets. Copy current clipboard is the basic scenario where the current clipboard content will be copied to the chosen device. Copy current web page address will copy the URL of the current web page to the chosen device. Open current web page will copy the URL of the current page to the chosen device and automatically open it ( only available when sharing to a Mac ). You can even build more complex workflow using x-callback-url documentation.

2) Enter the name of your device

Type the name of the device you want to receive the action. To find the correct name of your device, open Command-C on you Mac or iOS device. It will be properly encoded using encodeURIComponent javascript function.

When using apostrophes be aware of encoding differences ( ’ versus ' ) otherwise Command-C won't be able to find your device. You can also choose your device using the deviceIndex property ( check out x-callback-url documentation ).

3) Enable x-callback-url support

If you want to save you bookmarklet on your iOS device, you can enable x-callback-url support to automatically return to the current web page after the sharing succeeds or fails. You can even share bookmarklets between iOS and OS X, by enabling this option Command-C will be smart enought to ignore it on the Mac.

4) Save the bookmarklet

Mac Bookmarklet

Hint: Choose the type of workflow to have a live preview of the bookmarklet.